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My crazy friend dared me to do something outrageous. . . have a steamy encounter at least once a week for one year.

It sounded easy enough and started off well. . .
A smoking hot date with a sexy cowboy.
A tangled romp with a gorgeous drummer who had 
all the right moves.
A steamy shower with a hunky handyman.
A stunning groomsman and a naughty artist. . .

But things spiral out of control when the men I fancy come back for more.
Now I have one teeny, little, MAMMOTH problem.

They don’t know the real me. They don’t even know my real name.
Or that I’m really an introverted country girl trying to find my way in the big city.
They’ve only seen the woman I pretend to be and the sexy disguises I wear.

Now someone’s heart is bound to get broken.
And it will probably be mine.

Follow Jane’s quest for love, one smoking-hot dare at a time, featuring many swoonworthy hunks and a quirky heroine who gave up on men when her ex-fiancé crushed her heart.

TOUCH ME is BOOK ONE in the Stilettos and Secrets series - full of forbidden steamy moments, hilarious banter and a heroine who is learning how to love herself again.



  • ISBN: 9781923194144
  • SIZE: 5 X 8
  • PAGE COUNT: 290 pages


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Synopsis: Treasured Secrets

A clue to an ancient lost treasure reveals a deadly mystery spanning centuries. But will Rosalina and her ex-fiancé, Archer, live to salvage it?

I pushed her away. All because of my stupid nightmares.

But now I want her back. I can’t live without her.

So when she calls me in the middle of the night with a clue to the treasure that ruined my childhood, I have to go to her. She wants us to find that treasure to solve the dark past that haunts me.

But now it’s not about finding the treasure that my father died for, it’s about proving to her that we’re meant to be together.
Trouble is, my talent for finding treasure is as good as my talent for finding trouble.

So when she’s kidnapped by a madman hellbent on revenge, I’ll do anything to save the woman I love.

Treasured Secrets is a steamy, second chance romance, featuring a protective alpha hero who doesn’t know he’s broken and a kick-ass heroine with secrets of her own, and their deadly quest to unravel ancient riddles.

Treasured Secrets: Sneak Peek

“Rosa, if you rang to abuse me —”

“I rang to say I have proof you’re a lying, stinking bastardo. You told me you’d never been to Italy.”

“That’s the truth.” It was one of the few countries in the world he’d never been to.

“Oh yeah? Well, I know where you got your damn gold pendant from.”

Archer stiffened and as he reached for the gold necklace, his mind thrust back to where he’d found it, but he shook the horrific memory free. “What’re you talking about?”

“The Church of St Apostoli.”
Archer tried to comprehend what she was saying, but he had nothing. “The Church of what?”

“Saint Apostoli!” She said it like he was a complete fool.

“What about it?”

“Your pendant is pictured in the stained-glass window.”

His mind raced. Is this the clue I’ve waited nearly two decades for?
He couldn’t let this information go untouched, even if it took him back to his horrific past. “Where? What does it look like? Tell me everything.”

“No.” Her voice was fiery defiance.

“Please.” Archer put on his sweetest voice, hoping to persuade her past the anger.

“You don’t deserve any sympathy from me. I tried to help you, but you cast me aside like a snotty tissue.”

She was right, but hearing those words was a spear piercing his heart. She was hurt and had every right to be. Would she ever forgive me? “Please, Rosa, I never meant to hurt you.”

“Sei un bugiardo! You knew what you were doing.” Her tone was fierce.

“Please. . . I want to make it up to you.”

“You can never replace the years you stole from me. I loved you and would’ve done anything for you.” Rosalina sobbed into the phone.

He wanted to put his arms around her, to feel her golden skin against his and kiss the tears from her eyes. But it could never be. He’d destroyed the most important person in his life and was powerless to fix it. “I’m sorry —”

“Don’t say it again!” A click resonated down the phone, then nothing.

As he stared out over the marina, a sense of fear, as familiar as it was unwanted, crawled through his body.

I have to go to her. I need her.

It's time to return to where my nightmares began.

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