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Based in sunny Brisbane, Australia, Kendall Talbot is an award-winning, bestselling author whose thrilling books pulse with the same action-packed energy she brings to her life. From scuba diving with sharks to whitewater and blackwater rafting, camel riding in Egypt, hand-gliding in Rio, and exploring Mayan ruins in Mexico, Kendall thrives on thrilling action-adventure. She weaves these heart-racing experiences, gleaned from her travels across 44 countries, into her action-packed romantic suspense novels, captivating readers with her vivid descriptions and thrilling plot twists.

Many of Kendall's thrilling romance adventure books are best-sellers, and her award-winning survival romance novel - Lost in Kakadu – won the prestigious Romantic Book of the Year award. Kendall has also achieved several recognitions, such as a semi-finalist in the coveted Wilbur Smith Adventure Writers Competition and finalist for Best Romantic Suspense, Best Crime Novel, Best Continuing Series, and Best New Author for her survivor thriller books, mystery crime thrillers with plot twists, and her crime vigilante mysteries.

Kendall specializes in taking broken characters on emotional and treacherous journeys that pushes them to their limits, helping them overcome their struggles and find their happily ever after. Her diverse body of work spans a range of genres, from action-packed romantic suspense and mystery adventure romance to military romance, steamy romantic comedy, apocalyptic disaster thrillers, and crime vigilante mysteries. Whether crafting standalone novels or captivating series, Kendall delivers stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

When not writing her next thrilling book, Kendall can be found enjoying wine and cheese with friends, and she is always plotting her next action adventure. She shares her life with her very own personal hero and a fluffy little dog who specializes in commandeering her book writing time.

If you crave thrilling romantic adventures, military romance, mystery crime thrillers with plot twists, or apocalyptic thriller books set against the backdrop of exotic locations, Kendall Talbot's books are sure to captivate you.
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