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Book 4 in the Best Selling Alpha Tactical Ops Series

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He’s a grumpy explosives expert. She’s trapped in a living hell. When he’s assigned to protect her, the sparks that fly are both real and deadly.

Hippie at heart, Harper MacBride has been controlled by her powerful parents since her teenage recklessness ruined her life. That’s bad enough. But when her father is elected as Australia’s Prime Minister, she’s forced into her parents’ political spotlight and hates her life even more.

Guilt over a disastrous decision Drake St Claire, (Codename: Viper) made in his twenties, had anger fueling his veins when he joined the army. But when that too implodes, his reckless thirst for danger and his unique detonation skills forges his fireman career and his role in the Alpha Tactical Ops team.

Bad-tempered Viper is assigned to protect rebellious Harper, who is a complete pain in his ass, yet damn irresistible. When an explosive attack on the prime minister has them in a deadly race for their lives, they witness something that puts them square in the killers’ crosshairs.

As the body count rises, Harper and Viper must learn to trust each other, or they’ll become victims in the biggest conspiracy Australia has ever seen.

This is an action-packed, opposites attract, quest for answers, steamy romance, featuring a grumpy alpha hero who is battling his guilt and a stifled heroine who doesn’t trust anyone.

This is book 4 in the Alpha Tactical Ops series - a series of standalone books with interconnecting characters, featuring ex-military men and women and the partners trying to tame them.


  • ISBN: 9781923194076
  • SIZE: 6 x 9
  • PAGE COUNT: 368 pages
  • GENRE - Military Romance

FAQS - Chapter look inside

“I don’t think you should hide that scar.” A long sigh drifted off his lips. “Whatever happened to get that scar must’ve been scary. But it proves you’re a survivor.”
“Huh.” I adjusted my stance to look at him better.
“Huh, what?” The flickering flames highlighted the contours of his chiseled jaw, and I soaked in just how handsome he was.
“I didn’t take you for a philosopher.” I let out a tiny giggle.
He scratched his three-day growth and as his gaze lingered over me, a ghost of a smile curled at his lips. “Just observant, that’s all.”
“Oh yeah?” Feeling cocky, I shuffled more into his view and pulled my shoulders back. “And what do you see?”
His long lashes fluttered as his chocolate eyes raked up my body, devouring me.
Butterflies danced in my stomach. Nobody ever looked at me like that. Especially not a man like Drake.
As I waited for his response, my breath tangled in my throat.
His gaze finally met mine and I shivered at his intensity. “I see a woman who seems embarrassed by who she is.”
“Oh.” I gushed out my breath. I wasn’t expecting that. A heatwave raced up my neck as shame raced through me.

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