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Shadow Mission (EBOOK)

Shadow Mission (EBOOK)

Best Selling Series

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Shadow Mission is book 5 in the best-selling military romance series Alpha Tactical Ops.

She’s paying for her father’s mistake. He thrives on breaking the rules. But running from their pasts was never an option.

Held for ransom by a hideous overlord, the once fiercely independent Yasmin Sanders is now paying for her father’s deadly mistake. But she knows too much and fears the monster she’s forced to work for will never set her free.

Fearless ex-army hero, and leg amputee, Cole Tanner (Codename: Cobra) hacked into his first computer when he was twelve. That reckless action pitched him into an underworld that’s had him on a knife edge ever since. When Cobra cracks a supposedly unbreakable system, he gains intel on a shipment that could provide answers to the disastrous mission in Antarctica that his Alpha Tactical Ops team have failed to solve.

Cobra and his team launch a covert mission onto a freighter in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But trapped in the rusted hellhole, they are severely outnumbered. Cobra discovers a fiery redhead hiding from the chaos and she turns his world and his heart upside down when she unwittingly reveals a secret that proves the ruthless killers on the massive ship are the least of their worries. 

With the ghosts of his past hell-bent on revenge, will Cobra make the right sacrifice to set Yasmin free? Or will they both drown in mistakes that will trap them forever

SHADOW MISSION is book five in the Alpha Tactical Ops series - a series of standalone books with interconnecting characters, featuring ex-military men and women and the partners trying to tame them.

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FAQS - Chapter look inside

“You have excellent recall for conversation. Most men are hopeless listeners.”
“I told you I’m different than most men.”
“Yes. Yes, you are.” She swiveled her stool to face me. I could almost hear the question that was burning on her lips. It would be one that I shouldn’t answer, yet for some crazy reason, she was getting through to me.
And that was dangerous for both of us.
She slipped off the stool and crossed the room with her hand forward. “Truce?”
I gripped her delicate fingers in mine. “I didn’t know we were at war?”
Her tongue glossed her lips, and the urge to kiss her was like a giant blimp that shared the ancient control room with us.
Her mouth parted, and her gaze swept from my lips to my eyes with so much intensity my insides were triggered to self-combust.

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