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Jagged Edge (EBOOK)

Jagged Edge (EBOOK)

This is a standalone, crime vigilante mystery

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A grieving detective with nothing to lose. A dying town with everything to hide.

 After the shocking death of his daughter, suspended detective Edge Malone seeks oblivion in a bottle and plans to photograph a rare blood moon in isolated Whispering Hills, Montana. But his night takes a deadly turn when a high-tech drone is shot from the sky—and a ruthless gunman murders an innocent bystander who dares to visit the crash site. Driven by instinct, Edge seizes the drone and escapes into the woods.

Now being hunted, Edge unwittingly thrusts Nina Hamilton into the chase—a street-smart beauty who is no stranger to men with dangerous motives. But when the drone data leads them to a shocking discovery, they quickly learn that no one in Whispering Hills can be trusted. The truth of the small town is anything but quiet, and the price of secrets runs six-feet deep…

Jagged Edge is a full-length, stand-alone thriller featuring a kick-ass woman and a jilted man who needs to find himself again.

"Edge and Nina's explosive meeting, followed by a highly-charged and deadly chase, leads to a great team-up as they hunt for justice. This page-turner is non-stop action with bad guys aplenty!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Sylvia Fraser

“With a conspiracy worthy of Erin Brockovich, crossed with The Pelican Brief, you're sure to be up all night to enjoy this riveting suspense-thriller by Kendall Talbot, as Jagged Edge is unputdownable and will keep you on the edge of your seat, right up to the nail-biting finish!” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rosemary56

“I found this was a hard book to put down. I kept wanting to know what's next. I cringed for pain a few times. I found I bobbed my head as if I was avoiding bullets or punches. I felt like I was inside the book.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ DKW

FAQS - Chapter look inside

It was a perfect night. . . fresh air, clear sky, full moon. . . perfect for murder.
That observation didn’t have Edge Malone chuckling like he used to. Back in his rookie days it’d been a joke he and his partner had shared every full moon. But once the joke became reality a few too many times, it’d lost its hilarity.
The blood moon slithering into the midnight sky cast an eerie red hue over the deserted valley below Edge’s elevated position. Blustery breezes that’d howled up the steep hillside for hours had abruptly ceased and other than the metallic ticking of his truck’s cooling engine, the silence was both complete and disturbing.
Despite the serenity, Edge’s gut was tingling. Silence had become his double-edged sword. He needed peace to truly focus, but the second his attention was broken his mind would commence its slippery slope to his demons. Once he got there, it was a battle to claw his way back.
It’d been two years since his life went to shit. Still felt like yesterday.
He scanned his surroundings for a full two minutes before he was ready to move. Clutching his camera and the six-pack of beers from the passenger seat, he climbed out. Gravel crunching beneath his feet echoed about the tranquility. He unhooked the tailgate. It thudded open and the sound ricocheted off the surrounding cliffs like a bullet.
Edge crawled onto the pitiful mattress he’d borrowed from his cheap motel and positioned his beer and camera within easy reach. He pulled his phone from his back pocket and checked the time. Nearly eleven thirty. On account of the steep incline and the rental truck’s non-existent grunt, the drive had taken much longer than he’d anticipated.
Tossing the phone aside, he punched the pillow and wriggled on the flimsy foam, attempting to get comfortable. He’d planned to spend the night on that damn mattress. . . out in the open. . . glancing at the stars. . . enjoying nature.
Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea.

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