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Delta Mission (EBOOK)

Delta Mission (EBOOK)

Prequel book to the Alpha Tactical Ops series

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Channing never forgave Makenna for what she did.
That makes rescuing her the hardest mission of his life.

Fiercely independent, Makenna Goodspeed was twenty-five when her first mission to Colombia as a DEA agent went horribly wrong. But that was out of her control. The terrible mistake she made while on that mission, however, that’s what ruined her.

Cocky, Delta Force soldier, Channing Winston (Codename: Wolf) has battled the worst of humanity while on missions in Afghanistan. However, his tours of duty saved him from facing the mess he created back home. But his plans to escape the war-torn fields unscathed hits a roadblock when Makenna crashes into the battle zone.

Forging through their loathing for each other, Makenna and Channing are pitched into a desperate race for their lives. Makenna is smart as hell, yet her fearless recklessness makes her as deadly as the ruthless killers on their heels.

Can Channing save Makenna from the enemy and herself, or are they destined to end this mission how they started. . . broken?

DELTA MISSION is a steamy, enemy to lovers, second chance, romantic suspense novella featuring a feisty heroine who isn’t afraid of danger, and a broken alpha hero who’ll do anything to save her.

This action-packed romantic novella is the prequel to ESCAPE MISSION, book one in the Alpha Tactical Ops series - featuring ex-military men and women and the partners trying to tame them.

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Chapter 1


The soldier driving our army Humvee had a death wish. Either that, or he was trying to scare me. He would have to try a lot harder. Moose’s erratic driving was nothing compared to what I went through in Colombia.

The Hummer hit a dirt mound, launching us airborne.

We crashed down and my head slammed into the side window. I rubbed my temple, clamping my jaw against the pain.

“Sorry ‘bout that.” Moose grinned at me over his shoulder, contradicting his apology.

I didn’t bother engaging with him. The three men sharing the Hummer with me had already made it known that my company was not welcome. It wasn’t a place for a woman, they’d said like I was wearing a frilly dress and stilettos. I wasn’t. And I rarely did.  

My DEA uniform was as practical as possible, and my shoes were for running. Which I did often. Running was my therapy, which I needed more than I’d ever admit. I was fitter and faster now than I was when I completed my training at Quantico. I could probably outrace all the assholes around me.

Besides, I wasn’t a fool. I knew full well that our destination was deadly for women. I’d been studying this remote region of Afghanistan longer than the Delta soldiers who were tasked with escorting me and my team had been on their current tour of duty. It didn’t help that the soldiers had to extend their tour by one week because of me. Or, more specifically, what I believed we were about to find.

My safety was irrelevant. There were much bigger issues at stake, one being the potential to uncover a secret drug lab of record proportions; another being my career. I’d banked a lot on the intel I’d gathered.

Beside me was Lyle Robson, my team leader, who had made me beg to give this mission the go-ahead. I felt him glaring at me. He did that a lot, and I couldn’t tell if he was trying to work me out or work up the courage to ask me out. Either way, it was best for both of us if he didn’t.

I reluctantly turned to him. “What?”

“You better be right about this, Makenna.” Lyle scowled at me like I was an insubordinate rookie. He did that a lot, too.

I glared right back at him. “I am. I know it.”

Murphy, the Delta Ops soldier in the front passenger seat, grunted, and I took that as a sign he didn’t agree with my assertion.

I shifted my attention out of the windshield to the lead vehicle ahead of us. A soldier standing through the roof of the Hummer to control the massive machine gun was shielded by a barricade of two-inch thick steel. Nothing could protect him from the rugged terrain we drove over, though. We bounced around like pebbles in a beer can.

Behind us was another Hummer. I was yet to meet the Delta Force soldiers in the additional protection detail. But I knew the DEA agent who was in that Hummer. Trent McMahon had been snatched from the army base just before he’d taken his return flight back to civilization. Trent was going to be as pissed at me as the Delta team soldiers were.

It wasn’t my fault he was added to the mission last minute. He could blame Lyle for that.

The only good thing about Lyle adding Trent and the additional Delta soldiers to our team was it suggested that he secretly
believed I was onto something. Why else would he have added the extra manpower?

I had better be right.

DELTA MISSION is the Prequel book to the Alpha Tactical Ops series - a series of standalone books with interconnecting characters, featuring ex-military men and women and the partners trying to tame them.

“High-octane action and adventure plus a sideof steamy sizzle.” 5 Stars TxDoc ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Jaw-dropping suspense and sizzling romance,make it an absolutely riveting read.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ PW Reader

“This book was phenomenal! I may have lost an entire night of sleep reading it from start to finish, but it was more thanworth it. I am super excited for this series!!!” Chasidy Brooks ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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