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Alpha Tactical Ops - Complete Series 7 EBOOK bundle

Alpha Tactical Ops - Complete Series 7 EBOOK bundle


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A feisty parolee and grouchy military hero must work together to escape a deadly corporation. . . if they don’t kill each other first.

I’m trapped in a deserted mine with my sister’s ex-boyfriend.
And I like the 
grouchy military hero way more than I should.
Especially when he crushes the enemy to save me.
He’s freaking gorgeous. Stunning blue eyes. Muscles on muscles.
He commands attention. And he sure has mine. 
He’s breathtaking.
We need to find a way out of here. . . before we get into a 
hot steamy mess.

Last time I saw Zena she was a fifteen-year-old brat.
She became a woman while I was in the army. And got feistier. And sexy as all hell.
She keeps asking me questions I don’t want to answer. 
And that makes her dangerous.
I am not the type of man a woman should fall for. I’m a damn hazard.
We need to escape this underground hellhole before I ruin her life too.
Or we die trying to save each other from the ruthless bastards on our tail.

Will Blade complete his mission? Or will the killers trap them in the dark forever?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“High-octane action and adventure with a side of steamy sizzle. 5 stars TxDoc

Continue reading Escape Mission if you like:

  • Alpha Heroes
  • Feisty Heroines
  • Enemies to Lovers romance
  • Trapped together romance
  • Steamy romantic thrillers

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“Action. Heat and turtles! I always enjoy an action packed story with a broken hero and a heroine who helps put him back together!” 5 stars Indiana12 – amazon reviewer

The Complete Alpha Tactical Ops series EBOOK Bundle (SEVEN books) for 30% off.


✅ Escape Mission

✅ Hostile Mission

✅ Rescue Mission

✅ Stealth Mission

✅ Shadow Mission

✅ Rogue Mission

✅ Delta Mission


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The complete Alpha Tactical Ops Series includes:

ESCAPE MISSION: Can a feisty parolee and a military hero escape a deadly corporation before they kill each other? When Zena witnesses something she shouldn’t have seen, bullets start flying. Running for her life, there's only one man who can help, her sister's ex-boyfriend. Get ready for the adrenalin rush and settle in for the steamy military romance.

HOSTILE MISSION: In the brutal landscape of Antarctica, reclusive scientist, Billie Everson, lives every day in a danger zone. But when she finds something that’s been missing since World War II, enemies circle like vultures. Levi hasn’t believed in a cause since a failed mission cost him everything, but saving the brilliant scientist from the icy clutches of ruthless murderers has finally given him something to fight for. With the darkness of winter only days away, will Levi save Billie? Or will hell freeze over them forever?

RESCUE MISSION: With an abandoned island resort as the backdrop for a new action blockbuster, feisty Maya (ex-army sniper) is charged with babysitting a cocky playboy and their personality clash is worthy of an Oscar. But when Maya discovers the true gentleman behind Neon’s fake façade, saving him from ruthless kidnappers becomes the most important mission of her life. Will Maya save Neon? Or will this be his final act?

STEALTH MISSION: Bad-tempered Viper is assigned to protect rebellious, hippie Harper MacBride, who is the Prime Minister's daughter and a royal pain in his ass. . . yet damn irresistible. An explosive attack on the prime minister pitches them into a deadly race for their lives and they witness something that puts them square in the killer's crosshairs. As the body count rises, Harper and Viper must learn to trust each other, or they’ll become victims in the biggest conspiracy Australia has ever seen.

SHADOW MISSION: Cobra and his team launch a covert mission onto a freighter in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But trapped in the rusted hellhole, they are severely outnumbered. Cobra discovers a fiery redhead hiding from the chaos and she turns his world and his heart upside down when she unwittingly reveals a secret that proves the ruthless killers on the massive ship are the least of their worries. With the ghosts of his past hell-bent on revenge, will Cobra make the right sacrifice to set Yasmin free? Or will they both drown in mistakes that will trap them forever?

ROGUE MISSION: Royal Flying Doctor pilot, Xander Devlin left his military career as a broken man, and he never wanted to see his ex-army team again. Especially the brilliant military expert, Aria, the woman who crushed his heart. Yet when his team accepts a mission to return to Kyrgyzstan and hunt the bastards who sabotaged their careers, Xander can’t refuse. But a deadly attack in the frigid mountains confirms Aria's greatest fear. . . the real enemy is someone very close to her. Can Aria and Xander bury their past to save each other? Or will they, and their elite soldier team, perish at the hands of the nemesis who has hunted them for years?

DELTA MISSION: Fiercely independent, Makenna Goodspeed was twenty-five when her first mission to Columbia as a DEA agent went terribly wrong. Cocky, Delta force soldier, Channing Winston has battled the worst of humanity while on mission in Afghanistan. But his plans to escape the war torn fields unscathed hits a roadblock when Mackenna crashes into the battle zone. Forging through their loathing for each other, Mackenna and Channing are pitched into a desperate race for their lives. Mackenna is smart as hell, yet her fearless recklessness makes her as deadly as the ruthless killers on their heels.
This complete Alpha Tactical Ops Series book bundle will have you reading all night long.

Chapter Look Inside

This beautiful, courageous, incredible man had nearly died because of me.

I eased up on my elbow and looked into his stunning blue pools. “I’m sorry I dragged you into this.”

He cupped my cheek. “I’m not.”

I melted under his touch. A delicious heat enveloped me and my heart pounded, and as I leaned into him, his eyes came alive, flitting from my gaze to my mouth.

His lips parted in a silent question. The intensity in his gaze had my heart soaring.

Heady breaths tumbled from my mouth as I silently begged him to kiss me. I ran my tongue over my bottom lip, giving him an invitation.

His hand drove through my hair and when our eyes locked, a type of hunger dominated his expression.

He wanted me.

I eased closer, letting him know I wanted him, too.

He raised his lips to mine, and a moan tumbled from my throat.

His kiss was scorching, yet tender. So gentle it was impossible to believe it was Nick.

He was all man, strong and brave, yet his kiss told a different story.

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