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Natures deadly beauty isn't the only danger on Whiskey Mountain.
There's also a killer who'll risk everything to stop Holly and Oliver.

When the helicopter crashed and I fell into an icy crevasse, I expected to die.
I didn’t expect to find two bodies frozen in the ice.
I lost my fiancé in that accident, and I spent months in a coma as the doctors put my broken body back together. Even worse though, nobody believed me about the frozen couple entombed in the ice.
But a killer will do anything to keep his murders as cold cases, so I have to find out the truth about those bodies.
Battling my scars and my pathetic endurance abilities, I enlisted the help of a rock-climbing expert with rippling abs and a killer sense of humor who takes me on as his pet project.
With his hands-on guidance, we hiked up the treacherous mountain where I had nearly died.
I expected it to be damn hard. I expected to have a killer on our heels.
I never expected to fall in love.
And now I’m risking his life in my deadly quest for answers.

Extreme Limit is a stand-alone, friends to lovers, quest for answers romance, set high in the Canadian rockies where secrets are buried very deep, featuring a feisty heroine who doesn't know when to quit, and the rugged-yet-mischievous hero who steals her heart. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime, with a happily ever after guaranteed.


  • ISBN: 9781923194106
  • SIZE: 5 X 8
  • PAGE COUNT: 356 pages


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Main Tropes

  • Broken Alpha Hero
  • Opposites Attract
  • Race against time


Natures deadly beauty isn't the only danger on Whiskey Mountain.
There's also a killer who'll risk everything to stop Holly and Oliver.

Holly Parmenter doesn’t remember the helicopter crash that claimed the life of her fiancé and left her in a coma. The only details she does remember from that fateful day haunt her—two mysterious bodies sealed within the ice, dressed for dinner rather than a dangerous hike up the Canadian Rockies.

No one believes Holly’s story about the couple encased deep in the icy crevasse. Desperate to uncover the truth about the bodies and to prove her innocence, Holly resolves to climb the treacherous mountain and return to the crash site. But to do that she’ll need the help of Oliver, a handsome rock-climbing specialist who has his own questions about Holly’s motives.

When a documentary about an unsolved kidnapping offers clues as to the identity of the frozen bodies, it’s no longer just Oliver and Holly heading to the dangerous mountaintop . . . there’s also a killer, who’ll do anything to keep the case cold.


Oliver released and looked up at her. “Is this okay, Amber?”
The way he said her name was the perfect mix of love and lust, potent enough to make her glow from the inside out.

She nodded, and he guided her onto the sheepskin rug nestled between the sofa and the fire.

Oliver hovered over her. His bulging biceps held him in place, and she flitted her gaze from his lust-fueled eyes to his cinnamon-colored lips and back again.

He lowered his mouth to hers and their kissing intensified; eager to taste, eager to explore.
Oliver rested on one elbow; his eyes devouring her body.

According to the doctors, it had taken one hundred and fifty-seven stitches to put her back together.

The blazing fire was warm and romantic but it emitted too much light. She was torn between hiding her body and getting this first reveal over with.

As if he’d heard her tumultuous thoughts, he leaned forward and trailed kisses from one jagged scar to the next.

Each delicate touch of his lips. . .

Keep reading Extreme Limit if you like:

  • Opposties attract
  • Friends to lovers
  • Buried secrets
  • Fiesty scarred heroine
  • Rugged mischievous hero
  • Deadly quest for answers
  • Race against time
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