Treasured Secrets Mystery adventure romance by Kendall Talbot

Uncovering the Secrets of an Ancient Tragedy

How secrets from an ancient tragedy inspired my romantic Suspense.

As a writer, I'm constantly inspired by the experiences I have exploring new places and learning about history. One such adventure that has profoundly influenced my storytelling is my visit to the archaeological site of Pompeii.

In 1989, my husband and I had the incredible opportunity to wander through the remarkably well-preserved ruins of this ancient Roman city. Nestled in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii was a thriving metropolis until 79 AD, when the catastrophic eruption of the volcano buried the entire city under layers of ash and rock.

What struck me most about Pompeii was the eerie, almost haunting, quality of the excavated ruins. The lack of air and moisture in the ash that entombed the city meant that many everyday objects, and even the remains of the people themselves, were remarkably well-preserved. Archaeologists used plaster to fill the voids left by decomposed bodies, allowing them to recreate the exact positions of the victims at the time of their deaths - a macabre but fascinating glimpse into the final moments of Pompeii's inhabitants.

Treasured Secrets Mystery adventure romance by Kendall Talbot
Treasured Secrets Mystery adventure romance by Kendall Talbot
Treasured Secrets Mystery adventure romance by Kendall Talbot

As I explored the ancient streets, markets, and homes, I couldn't help but feel a profound sense of connection to the lives that had once bustled through this city. The frescoes, mosaics, and artifacts unearthed by archaeologists painted a vivid picture of the daily lives of Pompeii's citizens - from the wealthy aristocrats to the humble tradespeople. It was a humbling reminder of the fragility of human existence and the immense power of the natural world.

Visiting Pompeii was a truly transformative experience for me, one that has deeply influenced my writing. The sense of mystery and wonder I felt exploring the ruins has found its way into the action-adventure story of my novel, Treasured Secrets, where the search for a missing 13th-century treasure takes the protagonist on a journey through the pages of history.

Treasured Secrets Mystery adventure romance by Kendall Talbot
Treasured Secrets Mystery adventure romance by Kendall Talbot
Treasured Secrets Mystery adventure romance by Kendall Talbot

I am constantly seeking out new sources of inspiration for my thrilling action-adventure romance books, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit Pompeii. I hope my readers will be able to share in that sense of discovery and wonder as they follow my mystery adventure romance books in the Treasure Hunters series.

Whether you're a lover of history, a thrill-seeker, or simply someone who appreciates a good story, shop now for Treasured Secrets and join me on a journey through the ages. Who knows what hidden treasures and secrets you might uncover?

Treasured Secrets by Kendall Talbot thrilling romantic adventures

TREASURED SECRETS is book 1 in the thrilling action-adventure romance series - Treasure Hunters.

A clue to an ancient lost treasure reveals a deadly mystery spanning centuries.

But will Rosalina and her ex-fiancé, Archer, live to salvage it?

The last place Rosalina expected a clue to a vast treasure to lead her was back into the arms of Archer, the bastard who broke her heart.

Archer desperately wants to salvage the relationship with Rosalina that he shattered, but his talent for finding lost treasure is almost as good as his talent for finding trouble.

Rosalina and Archer are thrust into a treasure hunt that scrapes the underbelly of Italian history, and into the crosshairs of a ruthless enemy. As they dodge bullets, and wrestle fiery emotions, protecting Rosalina becomes the deadliest quest of Archer’s life. 

TREASURED SECRETS is a steamy, second chance romance, featuring a protective alpha hero who doesn’t know he’s broken and a kick-ass heroine with secrets of her own, and their deadly quest to unravel ancient riddles.

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